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There on a hill rises an enourmous Teutonic stronghold, BytГіw. It dates back to the late 14th century when Teutonic Order bought the then settlement from the Pomeranian princes. Strategically located on a hill, it was moreover boarded by the flooding Bytowa River to the west... The whole construction was supervised by Mikolaj Fallenstein, the creator of the Malbork fortress. It was also visited then by the Great Teutonic Master, Konrad von Jungingen, since the investment was sponsored by the central Teutonic budget...
It is located 52 km south of Slupsk and 88 km south-west of Gdansk.


The Castle Hotel offers 5 single and 25 double rooms with private bathroom. All rooms are equipped with Sat TV, telephone.


Drink bar and disco, Tower Hall for 10-12 people


Restaurant of 66 seats. The Chef`s specialities are Castle Soup and Castle Plate.


Kashubian folklore band. Historic performance "Medieval Inn". Knights tournaments. Horseback riding and rides in horse-drawn carriages. Guitar concerts. Grilling over a fire the whole boar, piglet or lamb.

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2 conference rooms for 65 and 35 people The conference rooms are fully equipped with audio-visual facilities. Staff speaks German and Russian. Capacity: 90

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Hotel Bytow CASTLE, BytГіw
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