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Long before Siedlisko Morena stood on a hilly cape above Lake Łaśmiady, Nature worked alone. A Moraine shaped gentle hills and carved hollows. Lakes filled the hollows. Buckwheat grew on the edges of the lake and the hills were covered by grass. Trees grew, the forests thickened, meadows became verdant. In 1450 the first arrivals appreciated the unparalleled beauty of this place, founding one of the oldest Mazurian settlements - the nearby Stare Juchy.

Spa & Wellness

For our guests searching for high performance beauty care programs Siedlisko Morena offers a range of beauty treatments by prestigious brands - Clarins, Kenzoki, Payot, Valmont – specializing in development of exclusive next-generation cosmetics.
Our beauty therapists take part in regular training programs supervised by beauty experts from France and Switzerland, where they develop their knowledge of beauty care products and treatments, constantly refined application methods and massage techniques. Our beauticians will offer competent advice on the choice of treatment and appropriate face and body care products for every-day use. Recognizing the recent trends, we have carefully selected the most exceptional beauty care treatments. Always professionally applied, they are guaranteed to restore the glow and bring out the beauty of every type of sensitive or tired skin.


When Siedlisko Morena invites you to our rooms, it is as much out of hospitality as pride in our uniquely decorated interiors. Each of the 33 apartments is a different décor and mood. Flower and sailing motifs dominate while everything is tied together with a rustic theme: wooden ceilings, hardwood floors, and walls that seem to be from an antique court.


The five guest buildings of the Siedlisko form an inviting circle, inside which exists a relaxed social life. Sometimes it moves to the stylish eatery, sometimes to the salon with its inviting armchairs and fireplace, and sometimes under the roof of the outdoor grill. On the premises, you will find a spectacular restaurant with a rich wine cellar, a jazz club, an Internet cafe, a billiards room, and a mini preschool for children or, more properly, for their parents.

The proximity of the lake and the omnipresence of nature allow you to forget that each room is equipped - just in case - with a television and laptop connection enabled telephone.

You can enjoy mazurians fresh air even without leaving the room - thanks to no smoking in the rooms rule.

With all the following at your disposal:
a covered swimming pool, a sauna, a massage parlour, a Clarins beauty salon, a fitness club, 2 tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, a private beach, a dock with watersports equipment, and in the neighberhood: horse stables, mini golf
you have to work really hard to be bored here.

That is unless someone really, really wants to just lay around all day long watching the grass grow and clouds float by.

Meeting facilities

Business as usual? For bored managers, tired representatives and worn out presidents, Siedlisko Morena proposes something absolutely unusual. In place of worn desks, stuffy conference halls and trampled carpets, two spacious halls with rafters beneath a high wooden ceiling, and windows looking out over a beautiful Mazurian landscape - a picturesque lake nestled between gentle hills.

Inside is everything necessary for conferences and company training seminars: a multimedia projector, overhead projector, DVD, VCR, broadband (2 Mbit) Internet connection and flipcharts. The surrounding peace and quiet facilitate concentration.

Delicious catering awaits you on breaks, and after a hard day of work, a full offering of recreation decidedly helps in integration. Even until the break of dawn.

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